Opportunities at Groove Living

Work on a product that's changing the way businesses in 60+ countries delight customers.

Tampa Startup in search of a super awesome person. You?

Job Summary:

You will help shape our customer experience across all media.

Why Join us? Work in a fun start-up environment.

What else? Work in a laid-back environment with cable tv, wear jeans (or whatever the hell you like) every day.

We are looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solver to join our small crazy team! Or Crazy small team. Works both ways actually.

Here’s the deal:
If you have other experience that you bring to the game it would be awesome: Customer acquisition, marketing outreach, branding, growth, traffic building…we’re game.

More about the crazy, fun, weird and passionate person that you are:
You are Sherlock Homes and MacGyver rolled into one. You have the empathy of Oprah, the wittiness of Ellen, and a knack for making people feel like they’re traveling first class. Nothing excites you more than sleuthing to find out what issues are on the horizon that you can solve before they happen and how to impact people so they say “WOW!” each and every time they interact with you.

In between delighting our customers, you’ll track issues, and propose solutions, and research, and implement and on and on.

Even More about who we’re looking for:

You’re Inspired:
You have a burning desire to do great things and to change the world.

You’re thoughtful:
You have a healthy sense of self and how your life impacts the world around you.

You’re skillful:
You are dedicated to what you do. You love working on the edge of your comfort zone and embrace risk and failure head on.

You’re Chill:
You approach work with a love for life, respect for peers, and a healthy dose of fun!

The boring but really important skills to have:
Excellent multi-tasking skills, legendary detail-orientation, strong analytical skills, great oral communication, and the ability to prioritize quickly and effectively.
Self starter that is able to make good decisions with little information or hand-holding.

We would love to get your resume and see if there’s a fit, but why not add something fun? There are so many options and we always welcome a break from the monotony of trudging through a gazillion resumes. If you’d like to send us a resume, please do so. That’s perfect.
But if you’re sitting around with nothing to do, why not send us something fun as well? Like what you say?

Hmm, maybe your resume as a powerpoint presentation.
Or a video resume of you being your crazy (slightly weird) self!
Or a poem, or song, or something that gives us an idea of who you are!
Why? Cause it’s fun, that’s why!

Okay, think we’ve said enough. Your turn :- ) Shoot us an email to support@grooveliving.com